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Recent comments

  • "This is such an upbeat and happy song. I love the video of all the beautiful sea creatures going about their carefree way. A great family collaboration! I feel so cheerful and and uplifted by this piece of music." on this video
  • "Wow, if anyone asks for a definition of romantic, this is it. The melody flows so smoothly. I like how the beginning is nice and slow. Then in the middle, it builds up the feelings with a faster rhythm to give you a small jolt before slowing down again towards the end. This varying of the tempo keeps the listener engaged and feeling the song. If you have ever longed for someone you love, this song and video will make you feel it even more." on this video
  • "When I hear this song, a feeling of sereneness comes over me. The guitar and the strings are a unique pairing that adds more depth to the song. There is also a special sound effect that started at one quarter through the song. I can't put my finger on what it is. It's almost like a small sea bird's sound. It is dedicated to your brother who has passed, which, is sad. However, I don't feel sad listening to the song. It feels to me like clear sky and calm sea. A very beautiful tribute!" on this video