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Recent comments

  • "I don't know that much about recording. But I asked someone who does to PM you and give you some tips. Keep up the great work." on this deleted content
  • "Nice voice, really enjoyed it. " on this deleted content
  • "Aha, a familiar face! Welcome back Edgar. Roxanne is a hard one, you did it flawlessly as expected." on this video
  • "Can't believe it's your first song, it's very well put together. Love the lyrics and melody. Singing could use some extra punch maybe. But overall amazing job." on this video
  • "Thanks Brian! It's actually not that difficult at all :) It's just a matter of beat-matching 2 tracks and switching between them with some effects and EQ changes. Beat-matching is a bit tricky to learn, that's why a lot of dj's use software to do this automatically these days. But that just removes all the charm and difficulty. " on this video