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Recent comments

  • "Feel free to quote me, I mean every word. :)" on this video
  • "Excellent job writing this, performing it so beautifully and putting it out into our world. I had to kind of let this song sink in as it were. You completely stopped time for a moment. I listened to it twice (secretly three times). I probably speak for all of us when I say that the warmth and depth that we hear in your voice at the same shines through you as you perform. You are not here on this website to try and be somebody. You are real and authentic. We should be the ones thanking you." on this video
  • "Dit is buitengewoon inspirerend, ik ga kijken wie je bent / jullie zijn en wat er nog meer te vinden valt. En dat terwijl ik niet eens aan de LSD ben vandaag. - This is very inspiring, i am going to check the rest of your stuff to see what else I can find. And I am not even on acid for change!" on this video
  • "You have a good voice but it requires improvement. I like the song itself and your guitarplay more. Are those birds really there or did you edit in bird effects? They sound like they have reverb." on this video
  • "Swatch, are we still friends on Facebook? I can't find you searching for your full name. I wanted to re-download a midi from our chat history." on this deleted content