Bitcoin tipping, a blog, bugfixes and much more.

by: Davy in Update reports

I know, things have been pretty quiet around development and updates these couple of months.  We've been relying on social media to communicate with our users. But we've come to realize that these messages easily get lost in the noise, and that we need a single reference point for all things limebooth. So here it is, the first ever update report of limebooth 2.0.

New: Bitcoin tipping

We're very excited to announce that thanks to bitcoin and we now have the ability to facilitate tipping between users. In other words, you can now donate small amounts of money to support creators of a video directly from within the video. 

Since the system is based on bitcoin, there are little or no fees, and donations can start as low as 0.001$. But we recommend to donate at least enough for a beer ;)

Received bits are as good as money. You can use them to re-donate to other artists, order pizza (and everything else) online, or save up for that new piece of gear. All you need is a ChangeTip account and you're ready to start sending/receiving tips. To learn more about tipping on limebooth, visit

Changes and updates

Multiple sessions
You no longer lose connection on one device when signing in with the other. You can have multiple devices persistently logged into the site.

Youtube connection for uploading videos.
Since you can now receive tips for your videos. We had to make sure that users are uploading content they actually own. To verify this, we now require you to connect to your Youtube account to upload videos. 

Archiving messages
You can now archive conversations to keep your inbox nice and clean. We also updated the mobile experience a bit. 

Activity feed
The activity stream has updated visually to see a better distinction between likes, comments, replies, or regular uploads.  We've also removed all the "User has logged in.." messages. 

Rating summary
We've added the ability to see a summary of the 3 individual scoring points when clicking on a video rating.

And some other things:

  • Added a dedicated page with your recent XP history
  • Ability to view all earned rewards on a user's profile page.
  • 13 new rewards added.
  • General speed improvements. 
  • Improved UI experience on mobile.
  • Many other bugfixes and small improvements.

If you have questions or comments, we would love to hear about it in the comment section below.