Limebooth Tipping

Send and receive small bitcoin donations for uploaded videos thanks to Earn money, and show your support to the artists you love.

In order to send and collect tips, you will need a ChangeTip account.

What is Changetip?

ChangeTip is an awesome service that uses Bitcoin to facilitate sending extremely small donations from one user to another in the form of tips. And we do mean very small. You can send as little as $0.0002.

Your ChangeTip account also works on other networks such as YouTube, Twitch and Twitter. Visit their website to learn more about what they do.

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an exciting new technology that connects everyone on earth financially for the first time. It's fast, safe and global. And it's free for you to use on ChangeTip.

Bitcoin allows you to send money instantly, with lower transaction fees than credit cards or any other payment option.

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How does this work on Limebooth?

Limebooth can connect your Limebooth account to your ChangeTip wallet. This lets you send and receive tips from within the website.

You can start tipping by finding a video that you like, and clicking the blue “Tip” button. If you are not yet connected, click the “Sign in with ChangeTip” button to link your Limebooth account to your ChangeTip wallet.

Once connected you will be able to send tips to the performers of all videos on the site.


  • What are bits?

    The term 'bit' is a popular new unit being used to represent smaller Bitcoin amounts. Due to the rising value of 1 bitcoin, many prices must be displayed in fractional bitcoin amounts. These fractional numeric values can be confusing and difficult for many people to read. The bit sub-unit (equal to 0.000001 BTC) is considered by many to be a more memorable and intuitive way of displaying Bitcoin amounts.

  • What about $ and €?

    The main currency for micro transactions are bits. But It’s also possible to donate in more familiar currencies such as dollar or euro. ChangeTip will automatically convert the amount to bits at the current exchange rate.

    You have to admit though that sending 5000 of something is way cooler than sending 5 cents.

  • What happens if I tip a user that doesn’t have ChangeTip?

    If a user is not yet connected to ChangeTip through the site, the tip will be set to "pending". The receiver then has 7 days to collect it by connecting to ChangeTip. If the receiver does not collect his tip within 7 days, the tip is refunded back to you.

  • Do I get XP for tipping?

    Yes, for every tip you give or receive your will get XP. Take note that XP for tips below 500 bits is very small to avoid misuse. Ofcourse there are also all kinds of rewards that you can win by sending and receiving tips.

  • Are there any fees involved when donating?

    As of now there are no fees connected to tipping, receiving tips or redrawing money from your ChangeTip wallet. Thanks to BitCoin and Changetip there are 0% transaction fees. Although ChangeTip has said to charge a 1% fee for withdrawals in the near future.

    When sending a tip the website will ask you if you wish to donate an extra percentage to limebooth’s ChangeTip wallet to support the site and our operating costs.

  • Can I enable tipping for cover songs?

    No, with the single exception that you have secured the necessary rights to earn money on performing the song. Breaking this rule can result in legal measures by YouTube, and/or the removal of your YouTube account.

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