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Recent comments

  • "Thank you for the kind remarks. I plan on uploading new recordings, but unfortunately with having a 15 month baby and school it kinda becomes hard to find time too. And the slogan on my shirt guess was correct. And I always enjoy watching my old recordings and critique my playing and see where I need to improve." on this video
  • "Wonderful cover! You my friend would make Billy Corgan proud. I'm a huge fan of the pumpkins myself and ur version of 1979 is very smooth and so is ur voice. Job well done." on this deleted content
  • "I can actually play this on my guitar and if I had my electric guitar with me I would say we could collaboration together on this song. But enough of me, the bassist was really good and very well performed. However, with the vocals I would recommend doing vocal exercises and to work on the clarity of the vocals as well.the more u practice the better u will get." on this video
  • "These are actually old recordings that I have on my youtube account. But I do want to start doing more acoustic and jazz pieces." on this video
  • "I didn't want the backing track to overpower my amp. So I made it a bit quieter so the main attention can be on my guitar playing " on this video